Tracing Recent Advancements in Radiation Oncology in India

Radiotherapy is a non-surgical treatment which controls the malignant tumors. Over a period of decades, there are several advances in Radiation Oncology that have taken place in both biological and methodological aspects. Though Radiation Therapy is a non-invasive technique, it leaves behind some side-effects in patients. Researches are still going on to dissolve these negatives sides of RT. 

Radiotherapy is provided to cure different types of cancer diseases. It might be used as an only treatment method extensively or with combination with chemotherapy, surgery, and other cancer treatments. Since it is a non-invasive method of treatment, the patients do not need to take admission in the hospital.

With recent advances in oncology, radiation oncology is bringing out positive results in the most number of cancer patients. The cure rate is relatively high and causes no impairment to healthy tissues of the body. Moreover, the treatment period is also shorter and improves the superiority of life. 

The recent technical advancement in RT offers 3D imageries of tumors that precisely target the radiation beams and limit the harm to the strong tissues. The actual imaging is a technology that captures even the minimum involuntary patient movement. 

The technological advancement in radiation therapy is remarkable. Over a period of 10 years, it has brought a noticeable change in its treatment procedure.

Not only this but also the curable rate of cancer patients has also significantly increased compared to the past. One of the biggest challenges that radiation oncologists have confirmed is that the radiation which is used in the present days is not the same as it used to be twenty or thirty years ago. Things have changed a lot, as well as the methods. This technological growth is truly commendable. 

Therefore, it can rightly be said that there has been a huge advancement taken place in both internal and external beam radiation. So, if you are looking for advanced cancer treatment, you don’t need to go overseas, now you can avail advanced radiation therapy in Bangalore, India, from the best experts in the industry

Uses of Radiation Therapy

Radiation therapy has been divided into two main subcategories – one is internal radiation and other external beam radiation. During internal radiation therapy, radioactive seeds are implanted close to a tumor site. This therapy is provided even during an open surgery using needles, tubes, and catheters. On the other hand, external radiation involves the use of radiation technology that delivers electron radiation to a tumor. 

  • Radiation therapy can be provided alone if the treatment can be done with radiation alone.

  • Adjuvant therapy is a method which is provided post-surgery for sterilizing a surgical site and removing the tumors from cancer cells

  • Neoadjuvant therapy is provided before surgery. It reduces the tumor size and also sterilizes the surrounding area.

  • Radiation is used for treating numerous symptoms such as pain, bleeding and enables the patient to live a normal life. Radiation therapy works more effectively if it is provided with chemotherapy in some cases.

  • This therapy is also provided to treat various types of symptoms when cancer spreads widely. In this respect, radiation is considered as palliative care that aims at relieving a person’s symptoms and also improves their quality of life.

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Different Types of Radiation Therapy

  • Cyberknife

It is a non-invasive treatment procedure which is considered as an alternative option to surgeries for treating both cancerous and noncancerous tumors that include lung cancer, prostate cancer, spine cancer, Pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer, etc. It uses a kind of movable accelerator controlled by a computer. The machine rotates 360 degrees so that it can point the tumor from all angles, and therefore, more precise treatment can be provided to the patients.

  • Tomotherapy H

It is a state-of-the-art technology that combines the benefits of radiotherapy and computed technology. It helps to takes images of the treatment area regularly and delivers radiotherapy to the exact place. The machine has the capability to deliver thousands of beams safely. You can avail this technologically advanced treatment from the cancer experts in Bangalore, India, with the required precision and utmost care.

  • True Beam

It is a radiotherapy system that delivers non-invasive radiation, which helps to destroy tumor cells and also minimizes the exposure of other healthy tissues to radiation. It is an advanced imaging treatment model that allows doctors to provide tailor-made treatment for treating a particular type of cancer. It synchronizes the imaging system that can be adjusted as per the smallest movement of the patient.

  • Agility Synergy

It is a kind of linear accelerator that can provide extremely accurate and adaptive radiotherapy safely and even a short period of time. With this advanced mode RT, cancer tumors can be treated at any site of the body and that too, with great precision.

  • Brachytherapy

It is a kind of interior radiation therapy that allows the oncologists to use a complex dosage of radiation for treating a smaller area within a short period of time. This RT treatment method is used for treating different types of cancers like Prostate cancer, cervical cancer, head and neck cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, Lung cancer, Vaginal cancer, Rectum Cancer, Uterine cancer, and so on.

Treatment Strategies in Radiotherapy

In today’s age, the most widely used advanced therapy for treating cancer is intensity-modulated radiotherapy and image-guided radiotherapy. IMRT helps to cover the target area more precisely and decreases the damage of the cells surrounding the tumor. The modern radiation therapy is less toxic than classical radiation therapy.

On the other hand, IGRT is a radiation therapy that includes the scanning of tumor site and X rays so that more clear image can be observed of the surrounding cells. It gives a more precise idea about the shape, size, and position of the cancer tumor. Both these two types of therapies create some partial side-effects in the body, but they are curative. 

However, for treating more complex cancers like distal esophageal cancer, the use of IMRT is a much better option than 3D CRT. However, IMRT and IGRT are two better treatment methods with fewer amount of side-effects. Dr. S Varun Kumar is known to be the pioneer of advanced radiation and chemotherapy in India.

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Cancer is a curable disease if it is treated in its initial stages. A person needs to go through periodical check-ups to know his health condition. If there any abnormality is noticed, he should immediately consult with a physician and follow his advice. 

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The growing development in science and technology has brought a massive advancement in radiation therapy, and due to this, it has now been possible to provide effective cancer treatment to the patients. Among so many radiation therapies, some are in use already, whereas others need more research and study for their further use.

A lot of therapies have indeed come out over the decades for treating cancer, but RT remains an indispensable treatment method of cancer. It is an effective mode of treatment that helps to control most of the cancers. Not only this, but it also plays an important role as an organ-preserving technique that reduces the need for surgery. 

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